Agile Developer Bootcamp from ThoughtWorks

ThoughtWorks, Pune

Friday, 15th August, 2014 - Monday, 18th August, 2014

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

ThoughtWorks, Pune is glad to announce a free for all Agile Bootcamp for Developers course, which covers agile engineering practices from extreme programming (XP) like pair programming, test driven development, refactoring, etc. It is a 4-day course with coding and hands on exercises.

Topics that will be covered
  1. Pair Programming
  2. Unit Testing (Automated Testing)
  3. Test Driven Development
  4. Refactoring
  5. Continuous Integration and deployment
  6. Object oriented programming with some bits of Design Patterns

Along the way you will also learn Standups, Retrospectives and other agile practices.

What is the selection Criteria?

Selection will be based on assessment of your code for a coding problem.

The coding problem will be sent via emails to all those who register. You can use any programming language of your liking to solve it. By design, the difficulty level of the problem will be low. It will test your basic coding skills and commitment to finish a given task (hopefully, implying the commitment to finish the course). Use your object oriented design and automated testing skills to solve the problem.

Who can apply?

You must be a hands on programmer to apply. It does not matter if you are a university student, an experienced polyglot programmer or a non-comp-science professional who knows programming, as long as you can take a simple coding test.

It is NOT restricted to only Puneites. If you can manage your own travel and stay, you are most welcome to apply.

What is the deadline?

24th July : Registration starts
1st August, 6 PM India Time : Registration ends
8th August, 10 AM India Time : Code submission ends

We can only accommodate a small number in a batch. So, please hurry up and register now!. The classroom size will be around 20 people. If more participants qualify than the batch size, we will accommodate them in future batches (yes, we are planning to do it more than once).

Why is ThoughtWorks doing it for free?

Well, we have been active evangelists of these development practices for many years. Today we are very happy to see that there is increased interest and awareness of agile methodologies across India, Pune in particular. However, we feel that there is a big gap in the understanding and appreciation of the agile development practices. This often leads to failed agile adoption efforts.

When is it?

Duration : 4 days
Dates : Friday, 15th August 2014 - Monday, 18th August 2014
Time : 9AM to 5PM

Yes, you will have to put in a working day and the long weekend to complete the course. And this could be a good utilisation of the long weekend. Breakfast, lunch and beverages will be provided by ThoughtWorks.

Where is it?

The location of training is our Pune office:

ThoughtWorks Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd. 6th Floor,
Binarius Building, Deepak Complex
National Games Road, Shastrinagar, Yerawada
Pune, Maharashtra 411006

Who are the Trainers?
How can you get in touch with us?